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Can you play indoor cricket games at the facility?

Yes! You can combine two lanes to form a playing area of 130ft by 26ft which you can use to play a game of indoor cricket

Do you have cricket gear for rent?

Yes we do. Protection equipment costs $10/session and bats cost $10/session as well. The protection equipment consists of a pair of pads, thigh guard, chest guard, gloves, and helmet. Please note that an abdominal guard is not provided.

Is the SOFF facility only for cricket?

No, it can be used for baseball practice, field hockey, and many more. Contact us for more information.

If we rent the bowling machine, do we have to rent a lane as well?

No, the bowling machines are situated in two different lanes which are included in the $45 cost.

What can the bowling machine do?

The bowling machine allows you to change the line, length, speed, and even swing to get the perfect type of bowl that you want to practice against.

How fast does the bowling machine go up to?

The bowling machine goes up to 100/mph!

Do I need a feeder for the bowling machine?

Yes, the bowling machine is not automatic so it does require someone to place the balls in. If you aren’t coming in as a group of two or more so that one person can feed the balls, a bowling machine attendant is available for $15/hr.