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cricket gear in game!

Lane Rental


We offer four lanes for rental for individuals and groups. Come enjoy a practice session with your team, combine the lanes in order to play a game of indoor cricket, or if you have any other use for the space, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bowling Machine

Get a full batting experience without having to rely on bowlers. Bowling machines give you the ability to face up to 300 balls per hour, as much as an ODI innings! Set the line, length, and speed and get the ball to pitch precisely how you want it to so you can practice your shots.

Two Jugs Bowling Machines
Up to 100mph
Can practice both inswing and outswing
Pricing: $45/hr. $15/hr for feeder or bring your own partner

Equipment Rental

Lacking equipment or in between bats at the moment?

We offer on site equipment and bat rentals. The kit includes: batting pads, thigh, chest, and arm guards, a helmet and gloves, and we have a number of options for bats.


$10/session for equipment

$10/session for bats

Bat Knocking

Knocking in a bat is one of the most important and most time consuming aspects of preparing a brand new cricket bat (minimum 6 hours). Our machine bat knocking service can have your bat knocked in 45 minutes with a total of 10 000 knocks. If oiling is required (3 coats recommended for brand new bats), we will also take care of that at no additional cost.

Pricing: $30/bat

Bat Care & Repair

Cricket bats are made of willow and are expected to deteriorate over time. Not only that, but they are also an expensive investment. Taking care of your bat and regular maintenance of your cricket bat can extend its lifespan over many years and you can be saved the burden of buying a new cricket bat every season. Not only that, but cricket bats can be repaired depending on the extent of the damage that has occurred to the bat.

Contact a Soff Cricket professional to have your bat analyzed. Click here to learn more about bat care or come in to Soff to have one of our professionals take care of it.